Rescue Coordination Centre Kathmandu is a primary search and rescue in the country responsible for prompting efficient organization of search and rescue operations and for coordinating the conduct of search and rescue operations within the Kathmandu flight information region. RCC Kathmandu in full consultation with the Rescue Coordination Committee and National  SAR Coordination Committee control, coordinate and direct the SAR mission.

RCC Kathmandu will be staffed continuously whenever situation warrants so and is responsible for:

  • Coordinating SAR in respect of civil registered aircraft
  • Providing assistance to other SAR agencies to fulfill their obligations, and
  • Providing assistance to other emergency-response authorities to meet their obligations in regard to SAR responses.

Mission Statement

Rescue Coordination Centre Kathmandu aims at

  • collecting and distributing reliable and accurate distress alert  data in a timely fashion using satellite receiving stations from COSPAS SARSAT.
  • coordinating with national and international organizations on emergency beacon and search and rescue issues
  • Charting and plotting equipment which apply to the search and rescue region
  • Supporting Air distress
  • Communication commensurate with responsibilities
  • Supporting Humanitarian calls for help
  • Managing resources effectively
  • Working collaboratively  in both the national and internationally communities


RCC Kathmandu is obliged to meet the changing needs of the community for emergency response and believes that by the timely utilization of SAR resources is a corner stone in the nations emergency response system. We can decrease response time lessening suffering and improve the overall effectiveness of the nations emergency services.


  • Provide the country with full spectrum of emergency services available.
  • Use safe techniques for debris removal and victim extrication.
  • Describe ways to protect rescuers during search and rescue.
  • Rescue greatest number in shortest amount of time.